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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The formation of IQAC is as per the guidelines of National assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).The IQAC has the responsibility of looking into the qualitative aspects of administration, academic and extra-curricular activities of the college. The IQAC is rightly called as the ‘Brain’ of the college.

IQAC has the prime responsibility of completing and sending the Annual Quality Assurance Reports (AQAR) of the college to the NAAC, Bangalore.

So far, the IQAC has sent 12 AQARs to NAAC successfully. The IQAC has successfully sent the Self Study Report to NAAC, so as to complete the process of reaccreditation of college by the peer team visit in 2016-17.

The IQAC has organised various seminars and industrial vsit for the students of the college. In February 2015, it organised Career Fair jointly with BMS and BBI. The career fair provided employment and educational opportunities to the students.

In December 2016, IQAC & Brouaha’15 organised seven seminars for the benefit of the students. It was for the first time that in inter collegiate festival, education al seminars were organised. The seminars were attended and praised by other college students too.

In January 2016, IQAC organised two educational seminars; Opportunities Abroad, with Buckingham University, UK and Opportunities within India with Flame University, Pune, the Private University in Maharashtra State.

In January 2016, IQAC & Alumni Cell jointly organised a Panel Discussion for the current students on personality development and self conduct. The panel comprised of Mr. Vishal Gholap, Mr. Nadkarni & Mr. Nehal Desai.

In February 2016, IQAC and American Financial Academy Organised Financial Awareness Programme for both the teaching and non teaching staff of the college. The idea was to develop financial ideas and values among the staff.

On 30th April 2016, IQAC & Alumni Cell organised the Alumni Meet so as to create awareness about NAAC procedure with Alumni. Hitesh Mehta, alumnus conducted talk show with Mr. Suresh Kotak, Mr. Atul Joshi, Mr. Prannay Nigotiya, and Mr. Nehal Desai.

   Academic calender 2018-19

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In the academic year 2016-17 the following activities were conducted by IQAC

• IQAC team successfully organises Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial Lecture on 16th September 2016. It invited noted economist and Member of Parliament Dr. Narendra Jadhav. He Spoke on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Thoughts.

• Health Committee of College and IQAC jointly organised the Health Camp of Diabetes Check up for the college teaching and non teaching staff by inviting Dr. Ritu Johari from Roche Diabetes Care on 19th September 2016.

• The Sydenham Computer Centre (SCC) and IQAC jointly organised industrial visit to Nazara Technologies, Mumbai on 13th October 2016. A batch of 50 students participated in this visit.

• IQAC & Skill Development Unit of our college jointly organised the lecture cum talk programme on ‘Focus and Time management in the Age of Social Media’ by a well known motivational speaker Mr. Ashish Janiani on 14th October 2016 in the college auditorium. Around 400 students of B.Com and M.Com participated in it including the entire college faculty.

• Brouhaha 16 and IQAC jointly organised a talk programme on 25th October 2016 for the marketing students of Brouhaha 16 by our alumnus Mr. Amit Sinha who is Vice President at Lintas Lowe Group, Mumbai.

• IQAC team successfully organised Prof. RM Joshi Memorial Lecture on 30th November 2016. It invited noted Chartered Accountant and our alumnus Mr. Deepak Ghaisas to deliver the lecture. Mumbai University Registrar, Dr. M.A. Khan was the Guest of Honour.

• IQAC organizes seminar/talk programme of our alumnus Mr. Alok Kejriwal, CEO of gamestowin.com on “Confessions of an Entrepreneur” on 3rd December 2016.

• Brouhaha’16 and IQAC jointly organised two seminars by our alumni during our inter collegiate festival between 9th December 2016 to 16th December 2016. Ms. Shruti Lohia a Chartered Accountant spoke on ‘How to make Effective Presentation’ on 10th December 2016. Ms. Karishma Haldankar, Assistant Manager at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai spoke about ‘Importance of Advertising’ on 15th December 2016.

• IQAC & Alumni Cell organized Alumni Meet on 4th February 2017 in college auditorium. It was attended by 100 alumni and all faculties.

• IQAC & PTA meet was conducted on 5th February 2017 for NAAC preparedness. It was attended by 600 students and faculty.

• IQAC team successfully sends the letter of Intent (LOI) to NAAC on 31st August 2016. LOI accepted on 10th September 2016. SSR submitted on 17th September 2016 to NAAC Peer Team visit on 27th and 28th February 2017. College reaccreditation process will be completed.

IQAC Team Members
  1. Dr. Annasaheb Khemnar: Principal & Chairperson
  2. Dr. Ritesh kumar Singhal: Co-ordinator (Faculty)
  3. Dr. Madhuri Nichkawade: Member (Faculty)
  4. Dr. Sunil Shete: Member (Faculty)
  5. Dr. Shriniwas Dhure: Member (Faculty)
  6. Dr. Sunil Singh: Member (Faculty)
  7. Dr. Anjali Alekar: Member (Faculty)
  8. Dr. Anil Chougule: Member (Faculty)
  9. Asst. Prof Radhika Iyer: Member (Faculty)
  10. Asst. Prof. Rajendra Mali: Member (Faculty)
  11. Dr. M.A. Khan: External Member & Registrar, Mumbai University
  12. Smt. Neelima Patkar: External Member, NGO Member.
  13. Shri. Prannay Nigotiya : Alumni Representative.
  14. Smt. Shubhangi Dalvi: Office Staff Representative
  15. Kum. Sumaiya Selot: Student Representative.
  16. Master Raja Aditya: Student Representative.

IQAC Activities 2016-17


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