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Sydenham College
Of Commerce And Economics, Mumbai

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(Prof-in-charge – Dr. (Smt.) S. S. Sawant)

Sydenham College is one of the leading colleges in Mumbai to offer vocational training in Foreign Trade for their in house students.

Objectives :

The prime objective of the course is to familiarize students with the framework of Export-Import procedures and policies in India. The other objectives are to make students familiar with :

  • Procedural formalities involved in foreign trade.
  • Organizational set up for export trade in India.
  • Financial set up for export trade.
  • Shipping and custom formalities.
  • Documentation and registration formalities.
  • Creating a strong export base for India, so as to solve balance of payments crisis faced by the country.
Admissions :
  • Issue of Forms: First Week of July.
  • Commencement of the Course: Third Week of July.
Eligibility :

Students who are enrolled in the college in B.Com./ B.BI./ B.M.S. are eligible.



A] International Business
  • A] International Business :
    An overview Introduction, Definition of International business, Scope of International business activities, Globalization Trends, Global Investment Flows, New Drivers of FDI in changing global setting, changing global environment.
  • International Business Theories
    Introduction, International Trade Theory, The basis for trade, Sources of comparative Advantage, Mercantilism Absolute Advantage, Product Life Cycle Theory, New Trade theory, National Competitive Advantage, Implications for Business.
  • iii. Preliminaries for Starting Export Business
    Overseas Market Research, identifying Foreign Markets, Factors for selecting foreign market, New product development process. Channels of distribution in export markets, Product Promotion in export markets.
  • Business Ethics
    Introduction, Ethical dimension at work, Philosophical Basis for ethical reasoning, Ethical aspects of free market system, Ethics in an International setting of business.


A] International Marketing
  • International Marketing
    Meaning, Trade barriers, tariffs and non-tariffs – WTO and its implications or international Marketing with reference to agreements TRIPS, TRIMS, GATT, Major Regional Economics grouping – EU,NAFTA, ASEAN, SAARC.
  • Export Marketing Organizations in India
    Export Marketing organizations, Export promotion councils – Commodity boards MPEDA, APEDA, FIFO, IIFT, National Council for trade information, Directorate General of foreign trade, Chamber of Commerce, Contribution of SEZ in India's exports.
  • Foreign Trade Policy
    Main objectives, Highlights of Error! Hyperlink reference not valid., Special Focus initiatives, Eligibility criteria for export houses, Negative list of Exports.
  • Export Pricing
    Factors determining export price, Basic data required for export pricing decisions, Marginal Cost Pricing, Export Pricing Strategies, Export Pricing Quotations, Break Even Point.



Export Finance & Export Regulations
  • Export Finance
    Meaning and types of export finance, Features of Pre-shipment Finance and post shipment finance, Role of Commercial banks, EXIM bank, SIDBI and ECGC in Export Finance, Methods of payment used in international trade, letter of credit, procedure of opening LIC, Important types of Letter of Credit.
  • Export Procedure
    Stages in export procedure, Excise Clearance procedure, Role of Custom House Agents (CHA), Shipping and Custom Formalities, Marine Insurance, Negotiation of export documents, ISO certification, Procedure for obtaining ISO certification.
  • Export Assistance and Incentives
    Main export incentives extended to Indian exporters by the Indian government, Duty drawback, EPCG scheme MDA, MAI-DEPB Scheme, Deemed exports – ASIDE, other incentives available to Indian exporters.
  • Foreign Exchange Regulations
    Foreign Exchange Regulations and Liberalization FEMA relating to Export & Import, foreign exchange dealers Association.


Import Procedure and Documentation.
  • Import Policy
    Government objectives under the Import Policy. Structure of import policy. Import Tariff Structure, Import against different schemes. Duty payment of Custom Duty by cash utilization's of DEPB. Import of technology, Import through courier services.
  • Role of Customs
    General customs rules & regulations relating to Imports and Exports.
  • Central Excise
    Main provision related to Exports & Imports. Packing of goods for exports. Factory stuffing/ Warehouse stuffing of Cargo for exports, supervision and sealing of containers.
  • World Trade Organization
    Introduction, Trade and Financial Scenario, Changes at Macro and Micro level. The New Global Trade framework, The future of World Trade Organization.



Internationalization and Global Organizational Structure
  • International Production
    Introduction; An Interdisciplinary Approach; The External Environment; Global Trends in International Production; Industrial and Functional Pattens; Industrial Location and the Role of Clusters.
  • Internationalization of Service Firms
    Theoretical and Conceptual Discussion of Internationalization in Manufacturing and Service Firms; A Modified View on Service and Manufacturing Firms; Internationalization of Service Firms; Internationalization Strategies in Service Firms; Strategic Thinking in Service Firms.
  • Operation Management in International Companies
    Introduction; International Procurement; Gradual Loss of Design and Manufacturing Abilities; The Interaction Model; Relationships and Competitive Strength; Marketing Strategies; Purchasing Strategies; Changing Role of Purchasing.
  • Enhancing Global Competitveness
    Introduction;Competitiveness and Changing Corporate Structure; Boosting Export Competitiveness; TNC Strategic Role in World Trade; Policy Implications.
  • Technology and The Global Competition
    Enhancing Technological Capabilities; Technological Learning and Development; The Role of TNCs in Technology Generation and Transfer.
  • Designing Global Organizational Structure and Control
    Global Organization: Myth or Reality; Cause of Market and Industry Globalization; Essentials of Organizational Structure; Types of Global Organizational Structure; The Development of the Transnational Organizational Structure.


International Strategic Management and Finance
  • Multicultural Management :
    What is a Culture? Culture and Communication; Methodology for Cultural Assessment; Approaches for Assessing Cultural Differences; Approaches for Assessing Cultural Change; Cultural Assessment : Some Key Aspects; Understanding Culture Change; Acceptance and Resistance to Change; Social Dynamics of Culture Change.
  • Licensing :
    Introduction; Licensing: Is it the Best? What’s in it for the License? Some Pitfalls to Avoid: Franchising: The Licensing Agreement – The most important companies; Outline of the Licensing Agreement.
  • Strategic Issues in International Management :
    Introduction; International Strategic Management: Analytical Framework; The Strategic Management Process; Multinational Firms and the Environment; Strategic Planning; The Basic Stages of Strategic Planning; Types of Strategies Used in Strategic Planning.
  • Financial Integration :
    Financial System Spillovers; Foreign Direct Investment; Portfolio Flows; The Prospectus for Private Capital Flows; The Effects of Integration on Domestic Financial Systems; The Costs of Banking Crises; The Role of Banks in the Macro Economy; Bank Lending and Financial Sector; Financial Integration: Guiding Principles for Financial Sector Reform; Crisis Preparedness and Management.
  • World Financial Markets :
    Introduction; Changing International Financial Environment; Recent Trends in the International Financial Market; Equity Markets; Corporate Bond Market; Derivates Markets; Emerging Derivatives Market Structure in India.
  • Taxation in an International Economy
    The Benefits and Costs of Openness; Efficiency; Incidence; The Problem and Promise of Tax Harmonization; Development at Policy Level; The Role and Characteristics of Taxation Treaties; Methods of Relief from International Taxation; Transfer Pricing and Taxation Treaties; Effects of Tax Treaties.